Replication *and* backup with VMware vVols?

I’ve had some cases with Nimble support over the last few months. Handling of vCenter snapshots have been changed in 5.1.x and support has been surprised that we both replicate and do backups of our VMs. After upgrading to 5.1.4 we noticed the number of vvol-snapcoll* snapshots increasing on our arrays. Both upstream and downstream … Continue reading Replication *and* backup with VMware vVols?

HPE Discover & Executive Briefing Center

Again I was lucky enough to attend the Global Partner Summit and Discover events last month, and also made it to the Executive Briefing Center in San Jose the week after. Some of the big announcements were the new storage array Primera, and also Nimble dHCI is very exciting for me. Mark Bingham who … Continue reading HPE Discover & Executive Briefing Center