Disconnected VASA providers

I experienced a disconnected VASA provider for Nimble when I reinstalled the array without removing it from Storage Providers in vCenter first, but it happened again. This time when editing the network settings on the array. Support told me it had to be unrelated and I have edited network settings again without issues so I'm … Continue reading Disconnected VASA providers

Nimble volume usage explained

I was looking at the volume usage in both the array GUI and in Infosight. Both showed wildly different numbers and I found no explanation for the numbers so I logged a support case. Here is the run-down for a VMDK on VMware VVol. First the Infosight numbers Volume usage at 6.9 GiB is the … Continue reading Nimble volume usage explained

3PAR and VMware VVOL replication

I finally got around to do a proper fail over of a VM stored on VMware VVOL. I got the scripts from https://blogs.vmware.com/virtualblocks/2017/08/07/vvol-test-failover-power-cli-6-5-1/ but had to modify them a bit. The original script was designed to fail over between two different vCenters. I wanted to do a local fail over within the same vCenter so I … Continue reading 3PAR and VMware VVOL replication